Thursday, August 15, 2013

Huge Opportunity

418,460 Members to see your ads .  
The site  is a Paid To Click site which has been online for more than 3 years. They had started as the Aurora site but now they have adapted into aPTC/GPT mix. Members can earn from PTC ads, Youtube videos, Auto Surf, Facebook likes, Paid To Sign ups and by promoting referral link. Well, some of the features of this site are listed below :-
Daily Earning : Daily earning is very good. Ads come throughout the day. If you use all features, you can earn $0.10 per day easily. Earning can made using :
  Paid To Click - Upto $0.02, daily earning can go $0.04 from PTC ads
  Paid To Sign Up - 250+, Upto $5
  FaceBook Likes - Maximum 3 per day for free members, Upto $0.05
  YouTube Ads - Vary daily, Upto $0.005
  Auto Surf - 200 per day for Free members, $0.000125 per view
  Paid To Promote - They have an amazing PTP feature, they provide up to $3 CPM.
  Traffic Exchange - For every 5 to 15 pages surfed, you will receive  guaranteed cash prizes.
Referral System : There is no limit on referring members. You will earn 10% from your referrals click and some percent of Auto Surf they do.

Auto Surf (Free Money) : They have this amazing feature. It is a free money. You can let Auto Surf opens in one browser and do other online work from other browser. You will get $0.000182 per ad viewed. There is a daily limit of 200 for standard members, means you can earn $0.0364 daily from AutoSurf alone while doing other work.

Free Blog : They provide you a free blog with an easy auto builder. You just need to enter information about sites and that's it. There are some features you can add in your blog like News and ShoutBox.

Point Store : Here, you can make a purchase using Points only. They give some ads which worth points. Purchase from a Point Store includes, Free 1 month membership, Banner Ads, Paid To Click package and Paid To Promote Pack.

Upgrades : They have 6 types of upgrades. All types are differ in some aspects like if you are a normal user without referrals or if you are a heavy promoter. You can choose type of upgrade which suits you.

Advertising : Like, they have lot of ways to earn. Similarly, they have lot of ways for advertisers to advertise their site. There is some discount if you are a site owner. Advertisers can use Banner ads, Text Ads, Paid To Click ads, Face book Likes, Auto Surf and Traffic exchange credits to advertise. Advertisers can also purchase Focus Timer ad by giving extra money.

Minimum Payout : Minimum payout is $0.60 for Paypal and $1.50 for Payza.

Wait Time : Payment will be sent between 1 to 7 days. They accept Paypal and Payza.





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